Stefanie Sloane
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Agent Dossiers: Lord Marcus MacInnes, the Earl of Weston

Last reviewed: May, 1811

Agent’s Name: Lord Marcus MacInnes, the Earl of Weston

Alias: The Errant Earl

Affiliation: The Young Corinthians

Inducted: 1797

Familial ties to the agency: No

Immediate Superior: Lord Henry Prescott, the Viscount of Carmichael

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 14 Stone

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Skills: Expert fencer. Clan ties to Scotland, which may prove beneficial at some point. One of the strongest code crackers in the organization.

Concerns: Uses his wit to conceal long-held resentment and hurt from his childhood. When this facade cracks–and it will some day, considering the pressure of his position–we cannot say what the outcome will be.

Description: Recruited at Exeter along with good friend Lord Clairemont. Both parents deceased, no siblings. Reluctant to form attachments of any kind, both personally and professionally. Injured on last mission–shot to the leg. Not serious, but required rest. Currently at his familial estate in Lulworth, awaiting a new mission.

Current case: Assigned to investigate rumors of smugglers with ties to Napoleon near his familial estate in Lulworth. Family of one Miss Sarah Tisdale may be involved (see related documentation).