Stefanie Sloane
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Agent Dossiers: James Marlowe

SEALED document. Clearance required. See Carmichael.

Last reviewed: June, 1811

Agent’s Name: John Marlowe

Alias: Lucien Laurent

Affiliation: The Young Corinthians, Les Moines

Inducted: 1799

Familial ties to the agency: No

Immediate Superior: Lord Henry Prescott, the Viscount of Carmichael

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 15 Stone

Hair: Bay brown.

Eyes: Same.

Skills: Strong swimmer. Fluent in French. Trained in a unique hand to hand combat known as martial arts. See Johan Georg Pascha documentation.

Concerns: Position as a second son makes him hungry for the opportunity to prove himself. A failed love affair in his past adds to this, making Marlowe reckless–and, at times, dangerously so.

Description: Recruited from Gentleman John Jackson’s Boxing Club. Lack of a title makes him unpredictable, keen sense of intelligence balances him out. A close relationship with Robert Edwards, the Marquis of Westbridge,  and his family was quite stabilizing for a time. Westbridge’s infidelity and eventual estrangement from his family destroyed Marlowe’s connection, striking a severe blow to his well being.


Current case: Currently believed by all within the organization, save a few including Carmichael, to be dead. See Lulworth Cove case documentation. Working as a double agent to infiltrate Les Moines. Unexpectedly moved from Paris to London, protecting Lady Clarissa Collins. No contact is to be made.