Stefanie Sloane
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Location Shoot: The Angel in My Arms

Scrumptious picnics set in the lush green summer grass. Picturesque cottages and aged churches. Crumbling piles of castles past and pastures replete with grazing sheep. These are the things that come to mind when one thinks on the English countryside. But espionage? Smuggling? Passion? Desire? Oh, yes–that is, if one is reading The Angle in My Arms, the second book in the Regency Rogues series.

Our hero, Marcus MacInnes, the Earl of Weston, is tasked with an assignment that brings him back home, to the Weymouth coast, which is beautiful to be sure, but troublesome for Marcus, whose childhood spent in the area was anything but perfect.


Marcus’s homecoming to Lulworth Castle is celebrated with a dance, where the lovely Miss Sarah Tisdale captures Marcus’s attention yet again despite the fact that she does everything within her power to avoid the man.




When Marcus’s assignment turns deadly, he must make use of the local’s knowledge concerning smuggling in the area, even if they treat him as the outsider he knows himself to be. He makes contact with a fellow Young Corinthian agent at The Boot, a village tavern and inn with an interesting link to the illegal activities going on in Lulworth.



As the danger increases, Marcus and Sarah find themselves in hot pursuit of a man who threatens to take away something that both hold very dear. The chase leads to the Isle of Portland.



Can Marcus and Sarah save the country from the certain threat that Napoleon presents if they fail in their task? They’ll have to cross under the natural rock formation known as the Lulworth Arch on their way to success–or failure.