Stefanie Sloane
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Location Shoot: The Sinner Who Seduced Me

What’s not to love about Paris? Gorgeous, sophisticated, romantic–a city for lovers, no? Well, yes, but in The Sinner Who Seduced Me, the third installment in the Regency Rogues series, Paris is only the beginning point for James Marlowe and Lady Clarissa Collins, whose shared history will be dug up, explored, and put to the ultimate test as they rediscover just what it is that they’re living for.

Clarissa shares a comfortable and well appointed home with her mother Isabelle at 123 rue de Fontaine, a fashionable area in Paris.


James Marlowe is a seasoned Young Corinthian agent, but even he is surprised by the level of depravity found at Tout et Plous, a brothel located in the Montmarte district of Paris where he meets with a sinister individual who will feature prominently in his future.



James and Clarissa make the perilous journey to England, where they take up residence in a luxurious mansion located adjacent to the lush and leafy Hampstead Heath.



Though Clarissa would rather do anything else but attend, she’s persuaded to attend the infamous Cyprian’s Ball, along with James and a ridiculously naive Canadian debutante.



James and Clarissa race toward their destiny, which lies back in Paris, where our tale all began. A short stop in Calais provides them with the information they need to continue on–to where their happily ever after awaits. Or does it?